4/365: Brave Men Don’t Come Back

asleep on the right
in case you come back
i dreamed of sea water
cocooning me whole

in this chrysalis, i
dreamed, once more,
of blue birds gorging on
berries, as red as
midnight wars

i like to think
that those sudden noises
cutting across the air,
are just shooting stars
that i missed

but they wrote to me
in this age of metal trinkets
and typing hit send
-i knew it before
i opened the letter
i knew what regret meant
yet it has never occurred to me
how close we were
till i started dreaming of
and quickly,
your face
twisting in a silent
mouthing two words
and me, helplessly drowning
while you scream,
ever so proudly
for the land
you left me

-and then
i jerk awake from
the warmness on your side
of the bed
thinking you came back
yet it was only
empty dampness
from the nights of

i shouldn’t have loved a brave man.


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